« Medical imaging has advanced considerably over the last 40 years since the first angioplasty was performed and now plays an important role in the evaluation of existing and novel therapies. The Corelab at CERC provides expert, centralized and independent analysis of patient imaging data.  This data informs the medical community and is used for CE mark approvals and FDA submissions.  We work with medical experts across a range of specialties to provide Corelab services for angiographic, CT, Echo, OCT, IVUS and ECG images. Over the years we have analysed imaging data of thousands of patients in multiple clinical trials and registries and our data has been presented at hundreds of international meetings.

No, we don’t spend all our time locked in dark rooms looking at screens! We work with our sponsors to determine the type of imaging data and analysis that will best answer their research question. We work with our project managers to develop a corelab package outlining to the clinical investigation sites the process for acquiring and transferring the imaging data and we work with our data managers to develop the CRF so that we have all the data required to answer the research question posed by the sponsor. »


Antoinette Neylon, Corelab Manager @CERC