A unique CRO

The CERC is a unique Contract Research Organization based in Massy, France, and presided by five medical directors, Marie-Claude Morice, Philip Urban, Philippe Garot, Davide Capodanno and Antoinette Neylon.

The CERC was conceived and founded by physicians with wide experience in clinical research. Their renown and expertise in this field have enabled them to generate optimal interaction with their industrial partners and other medical research teams focusing on the development of innovative techniques, concepts and treatments.

Prestigious members

The prestigious members of the CERC’s Medical Advisory Council provide unparalleled guidance and expert support in a broad range of clinical trials dedicated to the assessment of interventional coronary and peripheral revascularization, structural and valvular heart disease treatments and adjunctive pharmacology.

The CERC has an excellent track record in regulatory guidance, trial design, global study management and monitoring, CEC/DSMB coordination, core-lab activities for pre- and post- market drug and device trials.

Diversity and high quality

The CERC was created with the aim of establishing a reputable high-quality dedicated CRO in Europe. Its objectives are to underpin European clinical trials and academic leadership, act as a global CRO and support young scientific leaders.

The uniqueness of the CERC lies in the diversity of expertise, experience and geographic locations of its council members. This has been one of the CERC’s cornerstones on which it has built a strong partnership with start-up and major companies and prominent stakeholders in interventional cardiology.

The CERC’s industrial partners attach great importance to finding cost-effective models which do not compromise quality. The CERC has established a network with other CROs in order to achieve this objective.

The CERC is not structured as a pyramid, it is intended to operate in a star-shaped pattern.

The CERC organizes regular meetings with various companies in order to provide them with the opportunity of obtaining consistent, confidential and objective feedback from a group of interventional experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine.