The CERC offers to the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries and academia, a scientific research organisation devoted to advanced and complex clinical developments, specifically in the cardiovascular diseases area in an international context.

      With offices providing services in about 40 countries, our team has a strong knowledge of local regulations, standards of care and customer’s culture to deliver the highest quality of work for studies we are entrusted. This Quality policy applies to all employees within CERC and CERC Asia as well as other third parties working on behalf of CERC.

      In order to provide our Clients with high-quality services, we have implemented a Quality and Process Management System able to:

      • guarantee compliance with the applicable regulations,
      • meets the Client’s expectations and requirements regarding the services provided,
      • ensure the continuous improvement in our process and procedures

      We commit to:

      • ensure compliance with applicable regulations,
      • continuously improve the effectiveness of our system
      • ensure compliance with the timelines defined with our clients,
      • ensure continuous support to our clients and other interested parties,
      • provide required services and go beyond our expectations
      • enhance the competence of CERC staff
      • strengthen the CERC knowledge by having the staff turnover as low as possible.

      The maintenance of CERC Quality and Process Management System is performed by CERC Quality Team.

      Meeting Client satisfaction and service requirements also resides in the implication of each individual within CERC. We, therefore, trust each staff member to actively participate in the setting forth of this quality policy and in the Quality Management System, for the benefit of Client satisfaction, for meeting the services objectives, and thus for the benefit of our company.

      In this framework, we have established objectives (QM_QM_001d) at relevant levels of our organization to measure the reaching of our goals. These objectives are reviewed at least annually.

      In this scope, maintaining the ISO 9001 standard certification is one of CERC‘s main objectives.

      We will ensure proper communication, understanding, and periodic review of this Policy.