As a physician, I was always passionate about science and evidence. During the 27 years with Terumo, I was blessed with the opportunity to contribute to more than 100 clinical trials involving almost 100.000 patients. Whenever a new product or a new scientific question emerged, the advice of practising physicians was indispensable to ensure that the study design was appealing, the hypothesis was correct, and the outcome would be valuable for the patients and clinical practice. When CERC was established, I was fascinated with the concept, philosophy and wealth of knowledge and experience behind its founders. Since that time, CERC has become the place to go because CERC has everything I value the most, knowledge, passion, support, honesty, understanding, to name a few.

It is not surprising that I could not resist the opportunity to join this exceptional group of experts and the organization driving science that improves patient’s care and shapes clinical practice.

Dragica Paunovic, MD, former Global Chief Medical Officer of Terumo Corporation, Interventional Systems